Some Suggestions for Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduates about Course Selection

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    Some Suggestions for Computer Science & Engineering Undergraduates about Course Selection


    The following are some suggestions for course load and scheduling. However, the students are strongly advised to check their complete degree requirements as well.

    The aim of an undergraduate program in any discipline is to provide breadth of knowledge. Thus, students are advised to select courses on diverse topics related to the selected program, rather than building an expertise on a particular topic.

    Freshman Year

    For the Freshman year, the course load of all students is the same due to the University Courses regulations. The flexibilities and the recommendations for the Freshman year are as follows:

    • Proj102 course can be taken either in the Fall or the Spring semesters.
    • If you want to overload or if you have a vacant slot in your program due to being exempted from one of the university courses, you are highly recommended to take CS201 in your freshman year. If you do so, you may take CS204 in the coming semester or in the summer school.

    Sophomore Year

    • CS201, CS204, CS210, Math201, Math203 and Math204 courses should be taken in the sophomore year latest. These courses (except CS210) are must courses. Although Math201 and Math203 are not must courses for those students admitted before 2015-2016 Fall semester, they are strongly suggested.
    • The junior level courses CS303 and CS302 may also be taken in the sophomore year since they do not have prerequisites.
    • If you have taken CS201 and CS204 previously in your freshman year, you may take CS300 in your sophomore year.
    • If you plan to take courses in the areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Speech Processing, you are recommended to take ENS211 as well.
    • ENS210 is another CS related course that can be taken in this year.
    • It is recommended to take the required HUM course(s) in the sophomore year as well.
    • Remaining credits can be filled with area and free electives.

    Junior and Senior Years

    • It is strongly advised to take CS300 and CS301 courses in the junior year at the latest. Please consider these courses as must courses for CS education.
    • All CS3XX courses are recommended to be taken, preferably in junior year.
    • Some CS4XX coded courses, in particular CS400, CS401, CS405, CS408, CS432, may be taken in the junior year. Taking such specific courses in the junior year may help you to select ENS 491/2 projects in these areas.
    • EE417 (Computer Vision) course is a typical CS course, although it is EE coded.
    • It is also a good idea to take SPS 303 during the junior year. However, if your program is loaded, you may take it in the senior year.
    • Remaining credits may be filled with area and free electives.
    • Do not forget to register to the summer project (internship) course, Proj 302, for the spring term of the junior year. The registrations of Proj 302 is done within spring term, don't miss it.
    • The graduation project courses, ENS491 and ENS492, are normally taken in the senior year in two consecutive semesters.

    Faculty Course Requirements

    • In line with the conditions stated by the Faculties, a total of at least 5 courses should be completed from FENS Faculty Courses and/or FASS Faculty Courses. At least 2 of these courses must be MATH coded. In addition, at least 3 of these courses must be from the pool of FENS Faculty Courses. These courses may have been taken while fulfilling the other degree requirements for the program. Please check out your degree requirements for the general information about Faculty Courses and the list of them.