Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

Berrin Yanıkoğlu

Onur Varol
Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Extraction

Natural language processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) which aims to automate the analysis, generation and acquisition of natural languages. Information retrieval (IR) deals with the analysis and search of large data collections. After retrieving a small relevant subset; information extraction and NLP approaches are applied to extract useful information.

Our research aims to develop state-of-the-art models for retrieving and extracting information from large collections of text. We employ machine learning and deep neural network based approaches to help machines understand these text collections. In our research group, we mainly focus on social media and news content in different languages, but mostly in Turkish and English. For more information regarding our current projects, please visit our lab page.