Course Overloading For FENS Students

Course Overloading For FENS Students

Published on 09.09.2019 09:20

Students who are to graduate can do overloading in condition of the following;

An overloading for their course program can be done for students who complete 6th semester and are in their graduation year and for students who are to take courses in spring or summer school and earn the rights to graduate. In order to do this the student has to fill out the form and give to the faculty at latest September 25 th 2019. The overloading will be completed following the course instructor approval (time conflict, prerequisite approval etc.) and the decision of the Faculty Administrative Board.

PS: Please fill out the form on computer.

*Maximum course load students can take for summer term is 8 credits. However, students, who will graduate after taking courses in the Summer term, can increase their course load at most 3 courses and 10 credits with the approval of course instructor and the decision of Faculty Administrative Board by submitting a course overloading form to the Faculty they enrolled at.